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Boon 2011

Boon has quite a lot of new products coming out in 2011. Look for these in March.

The Loop is a diaper caddy that will come in both orange and blue. It stores diapers in the middle, has a wipe case on the right and several compartments on the left for other essentials.

The Munch is their newest snack cup. The new design allows for easier holding and sitting flat. It also will fit into a drink holder in the car or stroller.

The Swig is the newest drinking cup. It comes in 3 sizes and has 3 different lids: bottle, sippy cup and straw. Lids are interchangeable with the cups.

The Swap is a fork/spoon combo, with both sides having their own lid.

Two new colors for the highchair: red and green. Pink will be going out.

Some more new colors for other Boon products. Once again, pink is going out.

The Dive is the name for the latest bath products.

Boon will now offer the Grass drying rack in Translucent. It's called the Winter Grass. Also the Grass will be offered in a larger size called the Lawn.

The Gnaw is a bungee cord for teething biscuits. Works like a pacifier holder.

The Mush is a manual baby food maker. You just pull the handle and the blade spins, no batteries needed.

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