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Boon 2012

Boon had a ton of new products on display at the ABC Kids Expo this year, and also some news on when the products you saw last year (that didn't come out) are coming out. Pretty much everything new for 2012 is expected out in December of this year, and that also includes last year's Loop, Munch, Swig and Swap.

One of the best new Boon products shown this year was the Naked Bath. It has two positions, a newborn one with part of the bottom elevated and a toddler position which is flat. They are changed by simply pushing the bottom out with your hand and removing the small bar used underneath to keep the newborn position. A nifty hook at the top allows it to hang when the legs are folded.

In this picture, the orange bath is in the newborn position while the green one is in the toddler position.

Bubbles, a bath toy that suctions to wall or to other bubbles.

The Whale Pod.

A new purple color for the Bug Pod.

The Pouch Rack is a new take on the baby food storage system. It holds 12 baby food pouches and 4 dispensing spoons.

The Stem is an accessory to the Grass and Lawn. It holds bottle and sippy cup parts, leaving more room for larger items. 5 styles, including 3 flowers and 2 trees.

3 new snack cups called the Stack. The caterpillar one is for parents, allowing three snacks to be placed separately. Snap-shut sliding doors are used for quick dispensing. The Penguin and Owl are for kids to use. They each have two compartments and 2 spill guards.

The Turf is a forward-facing bookshelf that can sit by itself or be mounted on a wall.

The Switch is a snack bowl that also doubles as two plates. All three colors can be
mixed and matched.

The Trunk and the Cargo are great lunchboxes, keeping food separated and fresh with their air-tight seal lid.

Three new parent tools for preparing food. The yellow Nanner is a banana peel that allows easy making of banana circles. The tiny red pluck is used to remove leaves and stems from strawberries. The red Slicer turns small fruits and veggies into toddler-sized circles. In the new product booklet, the Slicer is actually green.

This is the redesigned Swap. The fork side is gone and has been replaced with another spoon side. So now one spoon side is soft and the other metal, both with a flat tip for cleaning baby's mouth or scraping the bottom of a food jar.

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