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The ITZBEEN Baby Care Timer

When was the last time your newborn ate?

Can't remember? Are you one of those new parents who help remembering baby care details like when your baby last ate or napped? Forget the hassle charts and trying to write it all down yourself. Get the new ITZBEEN Baby Care Timer.

ITZBEEN has four baby care timers that count up with the touch of a button. Each timer has a picture to remind you of what it's for. One for diaper changing, one for feeding, one for how long your baby has been asleep or wake, and one for medicine, exercise, and misc. All of these things are digitally kept track of for your convenience. And should you forget what time you set the timer to, an optional alarm can be set to go off.

ITZBEEN also has a nursing reminder at the bottom, helping the mom to remember which side the baby nursed from last. It has a display light for nighttime. It even has a clip on the back for easy travel.

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